日本語: 黒ゴマソフトクリーム。秋田県角館市にて。 English: Black sesam...

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      My husband and I were at the flea market just enjoying a relaxing day. They have the most wonderful large waffle ice cream cones. After we had looked around for about an hour, my husband decided that he wanted an ice cream cone. He sweetly asked me if I wanted one too. He had no idea that I was trying to stick to a diet. I had quit telling him a long time ago, that I was on yet another diet because of all my past failures.

     Immediately I started grieving because I love these ice cream cones. I started feeling deprived of this wonderful treat. I could choose to go ahead, get on and just start my diet again tomorrow. However, it seems to me that I am always doing this. I have become an expert at starting a ‘new’ diet every day. I am also an expert at ‘blowing’ the new diet every day. I will never lose any weight if I keep this up! I started praying, “Please God, I love these ice cream cones! Why do I have to give these up to lose weight? Why can’t I eat everything I want and still lose weight? Why do I have to struggle so? Why did you let me develop this love of food if you were just going to punish me by not allowing me to have it all? I do not want to start yet another diet tomorrow all over again. I really need some success with this diet or I may as well just give up! Then I will just balloon up bigger and bigger in size, who knows how big I will get? Please Lord, let me find something today from You that will be better than this ice cream cone! Also Lord, let it not have a high price, let it be a price that I can afford!

     I continued to walk around looking at all the booths trying to ignore my husband as he enjoyed his ice cream. At one of the booths, my eye caught the sight of a beautiful framed and matted piece of cross stitch. It was a beautiful poem about love. I wanted it , but there was no price on it.

     I asked the Lord, “Could this be from You?” Then I asked the man and his wife running the booth about the price. The man looked at his wife, shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Oh, how about $5.00?” I held my breath in excitement and quickly gave them the $5.00 before they changed their minds. After I had the cross-stitch piece safely in my bag and paid for, I then explained to them that I was looking for something very special. The man told me that it looks like I had found what I was looking for. Then he turned to his wife, “Looks like she is going to cry too!” I tried to explain to them about my prayer but they had no idea about what this meant to me. The Lord gave me something that was better than an ice cream cone, His love!

                                                    ‘What is love’

                                                    Love is a hand

                                               Held fast in your own…         

                                                     Love is a kiss…

                                          The sweetest you’ve known..

                                                       Love is a joy

                                              You keep in your heart…

                                                   Love is a world

                                               That’s peopled by two…

                                                   Love is wonderful!

                                                         Love is you!

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